santosh my son

11 Jul

I killed Santosh mother by injecting brain cancer germs in crowd. I am going to kill his father and wife priyanka very soon. Then santosh will join me. Santosh will again marry radhika.

Radhika Husbands or Clients

Pallav (After everyone resigned from CS I forced radhika to love pallav against senthil to tie him up. But then Pallav resigned and joined inautix. But radhika is my control. Radhika with pallav now. Pallav built house in madippakkam but in Radhika name. So after sometime radhika will chase pallav and then settle with me and senthil in that house. We made pallav to pay all the debts)

Santosh (Brother Brother you are a brothel brother)

Deepak (Again another friend and brother. She seduced him 2004 when he resigned)


My gay wife Rajiv Maheswari

Farida foundar Irshad Mecca. I got farida project for cs software onnly because of radhika sleeping whith him.

SBG founder manoharan,aparajitha manoharan and cynthia are also my slaves

Mickanlyey came to India and he got mesmerized by the beauty of radhika. her white body was licked by him the full day.

Kakkoosu Bhaskar, Kabalai, Pimpeswaran, Mariappa Maharishi, Kothukari Parota, Sooshma Parotath Thini, Belikku Parota, Enthi Enthil Palanivelu, RAdhika Reddy, Nanchil Manohkaran, RAdhakrishnan Nanchil Kumaran, Maran brothers and sons, Ministers everyone slept with radhika

SRA HR sreedharan had separate love for radhika. Arrowpoint president radhika became sister of my radhika and became lesbian. Prostitution networks in TAmbaram were joined to Radhika.

Ullasam Ullasam RAdhikaudavn Ullasam is the song in Madippakkam. I will change the name of Madippakkam to Radhika Madikaattu Nilayam.

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