6 Jul

CS was CS Software. Srini just named it but it wsa no meaning.But I gave meaning.

CS means CyberSex. If you have initial CS it means Cybersex and you are my friend. join me by emailing

I am now in Ls2Corp Ls2corp is a big company in Gulf. supported by Bin Laden. My son Senthilvelean is in Bottomline Technologies New Jersey. My Paul Kuttikadan is in Mineapolis. My gay wife Rajiv Maheswari is in Integron Washington DC.

Police can not approach me. They are my slaves. Even NASSCOM can not do anything. Kiran Karnaik is radhika’s slaves. நாசகாரி நாஸ்காம் ராதிகா sex dot com Sodexo team anoop nambiar in egmore became my slave. So company administration support for many companies in my control. My other son in chennai company is pimpeswaran. He has opened a company called Pimpeswaran Product Solutions trading girls. His adopted father kabaleeswaran had slept with radhika so many times and he is my lsave. his manager cinchona is my slave. 

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