I am power

2 Jul

I am the ‘father of CS Solutions’, also called SEX BALOOTIONS and not sex pollutions. My enemies and ex employees are all improving. I can not tolerate this. So I am relesaing all the information to bring bad name to their families. So they all come and fall at my feet.

I am the mafia. I don’t have fear of police or law. All fortune companies are my slaves. I have slaves like vadivel mohanakrishnan in verizon, persons in NAI. Using Radhika I made Santosh to jump into Virtusa, Siemens and Microsoft.  Radhika was having a season ticket in Jet Airways to seduce Santosh  by going to Bangalore and Hyderabad almost daily from Chennai and back.  Radhika also has a passport with visa of all countries. Tourist visa. C S Solutions can make prostition as skillet labor and got h1 green card permenant resident for radhika too.

In 2007 I got Nanchil Kumaran into my control. In 2008 Radhakrishnan police came under my control who changed his name to radhika krishnan. Jaishankar lawyer will support me.

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