Savitha Sex

1 Jul

There was a big project called MPS for XP SYSTEMS, US ALLIANCE in USA. TWO TIMES i sent balaji to usa. Another guy called Sunkaraneni was there. He was ceo is pet. But I gave him wrong guidance, incomplete documents and made sure that his B1 visa was rejected.

Second time trip I wanted him to marry another girl called Savitha. I wanted Savitha to divorce her husband ramesh roa. I also threatened Balaji to divorce his wife sujatha was working as reservation clerk in railways in pazhavanthangal railway station otherwise I would get henchmen to rape and murder sujatha since was working late in railway station. But I like Sujatha also. Her boobs are nice. But anyway I don’t have penis.

After Balaji started to US I and Sasi gave training to Savitha. We asked her to get half skirts and in the conference room we gave her nude training. We made her say to eveyrone  that half skirts is common in US for girls. Xp systems are bastards. They closed the project suddenly in March 2004 and eveyrone started resigning. Balaji had to come back suddenly. He also put resignation. One month later Savitha put resignation. She joined isoft. my other enemy deepak kumar put resignation. He told me he is joining some infics in bangalore but he joined cbernet in madras.  I didn’t wanted deepak kumar to resign. Because I wanted to misuse his mvp powers to get free software.

All my plans went off in waste now. I was monitoring deepak emails and phones to see consultants don’t get with the help of senthilvelan. He was system administrator but in april he went to madruai hometown to see his parents and sisters. I really want to make his sisters nude because they were reasons for my plans going waste.

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