Siva here, Guys

29 Jun

I am Sivakumaran Kathiresan. People call me Siva. Many people are against my ego.I am starting this platform to express my opnions and write here. I don’t know English very much and hence my pimp, Rajiv Maheswari ( and my mistress, Radhika Pallav are managing this blog for me.

Who am I? I am born to Kathiresan and Kanniammal in Tuticorin about forty five years back. I had a brother called KPS. In my youthhood I was very dynamic and a romantic hero. My father is a big pannayar and entire town was in our control. So using that power I used to crack fun at girls. I was sighting a girl called Reshma and when people chased me I fell down in a big pit and injured my penis.

My father took me to big hopitals. They could also save my life but not my malehood. My penis was removed through operation. The doctor fit me a cup. Even to pass urine I had to remove the cup, pass the urine and fit it again.  That is why even now I can not use public toilets. I can not use male toilet because I have to remove cup. I can not use ladies toilet because I am male. So I use private toilets. In my older company called C S Software Solutions which was part of C S Solutions (http:\\ I used the CEO special toilet for myself. The CEO Srinivas Thirunagari accepted my request. Back from the flashback after the discharge from hospital me and KPS took revenge on Reshma. We raped Reshma made her nude and killed her. My father buried her secretly and purchased the local police to close the file.

I then joined college near Madurai for my BE Mechanical. The course was difficult. Somehow bribing Madurai Kamaraj University I got the degree. Now my brother KPS joined a company called SYNECT consultants in alwarpet. He looked like ajith who is a romantic actor. Every friday he used to take girls from his office for date and sex in some resort in ecr. He used to give money to everyone to close the issue.  while this was happening my parents arranged marriage for KPS.

This time fate played the game. Some new joinees in Synect revolted against KPS’ spoil sports. The managing director bhat scolded him with very bad words. KPS got angry and slapped bhat. I wrote him a lot of emails to to close the file. I told him I will give him money. But he didn’t listen. He openly took the issue with synect management and everyone publicly insulted KPS.

KPS wrote an email to me tellign that he is going to commit suicide. I came to Madras very fast. His room was locked. I broke the door with the help of people in the area but my brother KPS was hanging in the cieling fan. One to two days before marriage my brother KPS was dead. My town in Tuticorin which had the marriage hall for KPS wedding saw his dead body. My father was very angry. I told him I am promising him to take revenge on everyone who made KPS to die and came to Madras.

I joined as an executive and became assistant manager of Grasim Industries  I was also trying to find out who are the culprits in synect. Then I gave money to lot of people in take solutions who was their main client and made the project to fail. Then we forced them to sell the comapny itself to take solutions. I killed bhat and then insulted akila who was the main HR then. I remember sending so many emails to akila at Akila is a bitch. She should have accepted the money from my brother and slep t with him. That way both will be happy right? She revolted against him and he died.

Now my revenge was over. Slowly I was ascending my career ladder. I worked in Andrew Yule, Godrej Saralee and Mars Software. I came to know about Srinivas and Paul of C S Software. They opened a chennai office in prince towers nungambakkam. I joined the company. My close friends are sivaraman, bhaskar and francis.  I also didn’t like brahmins because most of the people in synect who killed were brahmins.

Balaji Pitchumani joined the company. He was a brahmin bastard. He was getting good name. I can not tolerate but I had to be quiet. Now my lover joined. Her name is Radhika. She is full name Radhika Shripad. She was for sometime receptionist and then HR assistant to Francis. We moved to Kubers Plaza in Pantheon Road. We got a new project called Resinger in ASP. One more brahmin guy calld Deepak Kumar joined. This guy is again becoming like enemy like those for my brother. He is always complaining against bad things to everyone. Now I am getting two enemies in my company.

I wanted to take revenge on both of these guys and waiting for the right moment. But I kept missing each time. Next posts I give details.

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