Radhika Beauty

29 Jun

After coming to Kubers building Manari put radhika, francis and sumitha neare his cabin. After fighting for four years I thought of bringing radhika near my cubicle. francis was supporting and protecting radhika. I wanted to eliminate francis.  everyone went to munnar trip. I gave money to myls to put false  cases on francis and after he returned we made everyone complain against francis to srinivas. srinivas terminated him. now radhika is fully under my control.

I b(r)ought the beauty near my cubicle and her made her site near srinivasan’s place. when I get bored I used to go there and on the image of discusisng I used to see her beautiful legs and hands. Slowly I realised that senthil and santosh are close to her. Now I made radika to move close with santosh calling him as a brother. I asked senthil to start loving radhika and promised me marriage with her. The reason was I was planning to adopt senthil as my son. Now radika will be fully with me. I can make her nude and watch her always. 
Now I have to tell about my wife Priya also. My father after the death of KPS arranged marrieage with Priay who was relative to us. Priay is very beautifu. But she is also sex-liking. Since I don’t have penis she used to have sex with neigbor. I don’t know how to comment and that is why I took revenge on other girls in office. When people used to resign I told radhika to convince him no. Because I wanted to throw away srinivas and become the ceo. Mygoal was to ceo of organiation in my forty years. 
In 2003 I also got goondas to create a car accident near tiruththani to murder srinivas thirungari. that bastard somehow escaped. I went to the terrace and cried there. Myls told me not to feel so much and very soon I can make some other plan. Srini understood my itents. But he still wanted to give a fair chance to repent. He hence gave me a good award “Father of C S Solutions

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